The Caravana Story

“Caravana” reflects free spirited fun. The romanticized idea of roaming around in search of new adventure, art, culture, and findings. This is expressed in our jewelry by offering artistic pieces that are fun to wear! All of our works are handmade in Sedona by experienced crafts people.

Our house designer Melissa Iaquilino’s passion for jewelry was sparked at a very young age. Growing up shortly outside of Manhattan, she traveled into the city one day with an aunt who purchased her some beading supplies. The finished jewelry sold almost immediately. She was hooked! As Melissa got a little older she would travel around the country attending concerts selling her jewelry to support herself while on the road. This eventually led to a fascination with metalwork. After studying and honing her silversmithing skills in Arizona she attended the renowned “Penland School of Crafts.” From there she spent years in custom fine jewelry design and sales. In 2008 her first cohesive jewelry line was launched.

Shortly after she moved to Sedona, Arizona where she married her husband Brad Farley. They opened their jewelry store in 2013. Aside from carrying their namesake jewelry line, Caravana Jewelry features mostly local Sedona and regional Arizona designers. More recently was the addition of Caravana North in 2016. North specializes in clothing, accessories, apothecary, jewelry, and gifts.

Fine quality craftsmanship is a standard that we believe in and will not be compromised!