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We are a Sedona, Arizona based Jewelry Design and Fabrication Company which creates artistic pieces that are fun to wear!

Caravana was started as Melissa Iaquilino Jewelry Design in early 2009. Shortly after start-up we relocated to Sedona, Arizona and began to build our wholesale business. In 2013 we opened a retail jewelry store, “Caravana Jewelry”, in renowned Tlaquepaque Arts and Crafts Village. Caravana Jewelry carries our line as well as many other Arizona artists. When opening the retail location we rolled our wholesale line into “The Caravana-Collection”.

The advantage of owning a retail storefront that sells our product allows us to trial pieces and establish the level of popularity they may have before revealing them for off premise purchase.


Our studio is located in one of the most beautiful landscapes in America. The culture of our town is heavily influenced by art and has a large pool of artisans. Known for health and wellness, there are many activities in the area to keep one mentally, spiritually, and physically tuned.


Currently I am heavily influenced by the vivid colors, shapes, and textures of nature. Obviously living in beautiful Sedona has its impact. Technique is something that I have studied for years now. Ancient techniques some dating back to the ancient Egyptians are inspiring. Engineering and construction and how they play their role in the functionality of a piece definitely inspires design. Also, being a descendant of Italian immigrants that worked in the silk mills and for major sewing companies when they arrived in the US is inspirational. Finally, following fashion has always played its role.


Stay passionate toward our work and use this energy to keep our designs both fresh and exciting.

Remain reputable in all of our life and business relations.

Embrace diversity and celebrate life, earth, and culture through art and support.

Relish the fact that we are able to work in an industry that allows us to artistically express ourselves.

Appreciate what we have.

Support local economy! All design and fabrication is done in Sedona, Arizona.


Made in America evokes a variety of thoughts. One primary thought is keeping jobs in America and taking pride in the history of great American craftsmanship that dates back to the inception of our country. We now live in a climate where much of what is consumed in our country is made abroad. The primary advantage is cost, but that comes at a price. American Made means that the producer has much greater control over the quality of material and workmanship used in their pieces. Typically, they have better knowledge of where materials are sourced as well. As a business owner Made in American means knowing that employees are working in a safe and humane environment.